June 3rd, 2009

Adventure before dementia

366 MEME - Day 110 - Local Road Sign.

Within Britain, bilingual road signs are usually only seen in the principality of Wales ... is that what you are thinking, well, as you can see here you are incorrect.

I pass this sign every time I come back from DJ, and there are identical signs on all the borders of the Duchy of Cornwall, with the County of Devon.


DJ - plaited!

Wednesday - A Lovely Day!

When I arrived this morning it was to hear that DJ and Conrad had been moved back to the bigger field - more grass.  So, I was sure I would have to roll him down to the stables, as he would be completely stuffed!

Another hot day, so after grooming I plaited both his tail and his mane - they keep the flies off him but they are so thick and heavy they make him hotter than ever when he's working.

Not long before we were due to meet Ros and Shadow another friend arrived, Sue, with Painter ... so, as Toni was with Smudge it made a group of 8 that set off down the road.

It was great to just chat and walk the horses.  We did trot a few times, but it was certainly hot.  We went down to the Church and round the duck pond before heading home - with 4 very hot boys.

Once back we all hosed the horses down.  I ususally give DJ a sponge bath, but used the hose pipe today as he was so hot.  I was pleased to see he still remembered how to drink from the pipe, even though it is some time since he last did it.

I let him stand in for a shortish time -


Collapse )

Then it was time for a tiny amount of feed (he was still hot, and was going back to grass anyway), before taking him back to his field, Conrad ... and a chance to roll -


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Then back to the more important work of the day - Eating!!!


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James singing - music notes

James Marsters - London City.

As this is my all time favourite song, and I was lucky enough to hear James sing it at both the gigs I went to.  However, he also sang it at 100Club, and I have just got this link via CDS -

So, for those who want to Squeee with me - My fave song.

Just annoyed to hear people talking - never amazes me that they aren't completely mesmorised, as I am, in the music.

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