May 27th, 2009

DJ - plaited!

One Very Wet ... And Very Cold Boy!

I went out to see DJ this morning, as the plan had been to ride - but the weekends wamth had gone, left with a cold wind and torrential rain.  I got to Toni's the same time as Ros, to say she wasn't going to ride, which proves how bad it was as that is the first time I have known her to call it off.

We went and chatted to Toni and then I walked out to DJ to give him and Conrad a carrot - only to find them shivering - yes, they were shaking.

So, I gave them their carrots and went back to speak to Toni, who then moved Conrad, while I took DJ into another field, with better hedges, but less fencing ( a worry for escape-artist DJ), but the moving and the change of scenery soon had them galloping around, which thawed them out.  DJ went to speak to Smudge, and the electric fence caught him, so hopefully he will respect the tape for another few days!

So, although it was still raining, I was happier when I left as they were both now settling down to eat the grass in their new (temporary) home.
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Fandom MEME

This MEME I have snagged from pfeifferpack  and others -

Name your 10 absolutely favorite couples (het/slash/canon/fanon) and ask people to see what trends they notice about your couples. Try to pick different fandoms.

1)  Spike and Buffy (BtVS) - Will always be my #1 pairing - and works on so many levels!

2)  Avon and Cally (Blakes 7) - A great pairing of a computer geek and an Alien!!  A relationship that was hinted at in the series, but much explored in fandom.

3)  Hawkeye and Margaret (M*A*S*H, the series) - again, during the 11 years they had their moments, but the timing was never right.  I don't think they ended up together, but I think they both regret that they never were able to explore their friendship in a deeper level.

4)  B'lanna and Tom (Star Trek, Voyager) - the whole 7 years shows their relationship from hatred of human/Klingon to love, marriage and childbirth.

5)  Owen and Tosh (Torchwood) - I loved seeing Tosh's underlyng love, and Owens thoughts of possibily dating her, when fate intervened.  A sad story, but maybe that is great to see how they ended their story at the same point.

6)  Avon and Vila - friendship (Blakes 7) - They were great - complete opposites, but yet both respected each other - even liked them although they wouldn't want to admit it!

7)  Spike and Oz - friendship (BtVS) - I think that was a pairing that could have been really explored.  They are both fighting their demons to fit in with a human world.

8)  John and Jack (Torchwood) - I have just commented on Kathleens post that I have yes and no thoughts about these 2 although I love their relationship.  I think John is more honest than Jack, who I don't know will ever get over his history.  So they would both do each other good ... providing they don't kill each other in the process!

9)  Dr 10 and Martha  (Dr Who) - I loved her strength of character, which I think Dr10 also respected.  Dr9 had a rapid deep connection to Rose, which I found hard to like, and I think as 9 turned to 10, he needed more strength and independance of a career woman.

10)  Captain Janeway and Chakotay (Star Trek Voyager) - I think they had a great friendship, which is sad they didn't take further due to her rank.  I wonder if it would have worked, but the great thing is that even with their differences, their friendship was special to them both.

So - what are your 10 favourites?

Do these 10 describe me, I don't know - I just like these pairings!!

Adventure before dementia

Getting To Know You ... A Bit More!

Having not done a MEME in ages, I have had 2 today - the first being a fandom one, and this one being one of those "Get to know you" ones that I have snagged from lupina78  - she has some great MEMEs, she really does.

Like her, I'm not tagging anyone, as there are a couple I know who will do it, and others if they have time ... the rest wont ... I know which is which!!


1. What is one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to you?

As I'm accident prone it is often hard to think of that, but 18months ago, walking away from having my autograph signed, I first forgot the photo and had to go back ... then, I forgot I was on a stage, missed the steps ... but landed on my feet.  James-fog!!!
My dread was that he would see it happen - I'm used to making a fool of myself in front of others!

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