May 25th, 2009

James - buzz cut & name.

Bank Holiday Catch-up!!

What a Bank holiday!

Dad's computer died last week, so it is hard to get Mum to let me use hers - it's a lap-top that she likes packed away ... That's why I haven't really been around - so if I have missed, or am missing anything, can you let me know please.

We had made plans to go out this afternoon, but the weather doesn't look promising.

Then to finish off my morning I thought I would do some of my gigsaw while watching the TV ... I turned on just in time to see James being exploded (in Smallville) ... great to see him, but did it have to be that 2 minutes - coldn't it have been the episode where there were 4 of him????

Oh well - Mum wants the pc, so I'm back to my 3000 pieces!

Hope you are all well, and the Brits are enjoying their day off.