May 21st, 2009

Spike - face + body + my name

A Spike Drabble.

When I wrote my seasonal_spuffy  story I said that there was more to come ... well, there is, just not today!

I also promised myself I would write more ... well here is my first ever "proper" drabble, that I actually wrote during the lunchbreak of the osteopathic conference on Saturday ... so, as well as making some life-changing decisions, I also thought about Spike! Which was the more important I'll leave you to guess!

Set during BtVS, season 7 - between Showtime and Potential.
100 words.
Beta'd by the amazing mabel_marsters

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Spike The Watcher nomination

It has now been entered in Round 9 of the Running With Scissors Award


It has been entered in SunnyD Awards Round 22

DJ - plaited!

Noisy Road Markings!!!

As we walked in from the field today the sun was breaking through the clouds, and the wind was dropping ... just hope it stays like that over the Bank Holiday weekend!  Not that it worries DJ, as he loves the rain ... rain gives mud ... and mud makes rolling much more fun!

I spent and hour and a half this morning giving him a good groom, conditioning his tail and mane ... and generally pampering him.  It was nice to spend some quiet quality time with him.

Toni brought in Smudge and together the 4 of us went up-the-road-and-back  It was a lovely ride, and once almost back, we had a canter along the wide grass verge on the main road, which was great fun.

The good news is that DJ walked past his oily patch - he must be getting better I thought, until, that is, we got round the next corner!

There on the road were white arrows and squiggles, that were making a noise ... honest, ask DJ!! 

We got past these, with him watching them closely to make sure they didn't also move.  When we got a bit further up, there in a gateway, were the rest of the herd of cows!  Yes, poor DJ could hear them, but couldn't see them, whereas these new marks were there!  Smudge was OK, as DJ was between the paint and him, so he was safe!  Dj walked up the rest of the road on his toes!

So, it was with relief that we got home!  Having said that I think he enjoyed the challenge, and know he loved his canter - so was more than ready for his feed, before going back to tell Conrad all the news!
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