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Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd Birthday, Jiffy!

Lets start today, 19th May by singing "Happy Birthday" to Jiffy.

Last Sunday, after lunch, we gave the (almost) birthday boy his presents,a nd I took some photos to share with you all of the boy both before his "party" and then enjoying his gifts!

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Happy Birthday, Jiffy!

Adventure before dementia

Just Some Jokes!

Just been sent a few jokes - word of warning - They are aimed for the females on my f-list!!!

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One day my housework-challenged husband decided to wash his Sweat- Shirt.

Seconds after he stepped into the laundry room, he shouted to me, 'What setting do I use on the washing machine?'

'It depends,' I replied.

'What does it say on your shirt?'

He yelled back, ' Liverpool .'

And they say blondes are dumb...

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