May 18th, 2009

Spike - LiveJournal

Dreamwidth ~ FaceBook

Am I just being stubborn ... don't all rush to agree!!

I haven't done Dreamwidth, but think I am about the only one who hasn't.

I did Insane and greatest Jounals about 18 months ago, and never used them. So couldn't see the point with this.

I like LiveJournal, and have it set up as I want. I, more importantly, I love my friends, so hope I don't lose any to DW.

It's like FaceBook -

To be honest, I don't use it, and came close to closing the account. But was then friended by a friends teenage daughter. As they live the other side of the country, thats great. So, I keep the account - but don't do any of the memes, etc that go on. I don't like the layout and find the system confusing.

So this is also an apology (and explanation) to LJ friends who may think I am ignoring them - I'm not ... Just I don't "do" FaceBook.

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Handwriting MEME

I was tagged by rivertempest  for this MEME :-

1) Write your username and name

2) Write a pangram (a sentence using all letters of the alphabet)

3) Repeat #2 in handwritting (I'm guessing script)

4) Write down your top played song in your iTunes

5) Write "I heart -----" and add in something you love

6) Tag 6 people to do this meme

So, if you want to look at some truly awful handwriting -


Just hope none of you are specialists, or maybe that will explain how weird I truly am!!

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