May 11th, 2009

James - buzz cut & name.

Just A Few Thoughts - And A MEME.

Life is getting back to normal(!) ... JamesFog is (sadly) slowly receeding - and my inner panic is settling - thanks to some really beautiful comments that friends left me.

One great friend sent me a poem ... and it reminded me (in a sideways step) of another poem ...



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So, now I remember that my highs and lows more than balance themselves out ... and when I am feeling low, it is to be remembered that the good days will be even better.  My faith means everything - but it is still hard to realise that just because I know my life is cared for, I don't want to know the answers now ... and when I am feeling lonely, my faith is great - but it is still lovely to get a hug from a friend.

Anyway - I have a pile of ironing to do, letters to my aunts to write ... so, I'm doing a MEME I snagged from

jaded_jamie  yesterday.  One of those 50 questions ones - probably more to re-focus me on how great life truly is.

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James - silhouette

366 MEME - Day 87 - Bude

When I was driving back this morning there were roadworks so I had to go the long way round, and drove down past Bude Nature Reserve. This piece of wetlands is used by migratory birds all the year round - there is a local livery stable that uses the land, to help maintain it's natural habitat.


DJ - plaited!

Oh What A Beautiful Morning!

Well, I didn't actually sing as I walked out to DJ's field - that would have scared him far too much - but it was certainly lovely.  Breezy, but the sun was shining ... a great day to be alive.

We had plenty of time for a good groom - and although his coat is almost gone (there were 3 circular patches of white in his field where he had been rolling), there is still a bit more to remove.

I think he enjoyed his hour-long pampering!

Toni brought in Smudge and we went down towards the Church and through the village ... even having a couple of canters on the verge.  It was great - good to chat, and for Toni to be able to de-stress about life, as that's what we do when she is having a tough time.

The only worry was DJ ... yes, a clacky shoe!   I was meant to have phoned the farrier last week, but it slipped my mind ... so Toni was able to tease DJ about his place in my thoughts!  Still he rerturned home with all 4 still on ... ahd a feed and back to his field.


I have tried contacting Ian, but no answer - I'll probably find that he's on holiday now!
Spike - LiveJournal


Not exactly major changes - as I love the overall layout, and with my love of Spike/Spuffy and my user-name, the banner stays.

However I have changed some of the pics down my side bar - got rid of my least favourite ones of James, and added ones from this last weekend, as well as adding a picture of James to my profile page.

kazzy_cee  has updated my icons of pictures of me with James, so they are now added, and the one I will use has been changed.

Just need to get some new icons - and I will be fully settled again.

As I said, nothing major, like a lot of you do - but enough to brighten things up for my viewing, and not enough that the rest of you will notice!