April 28th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Just A Mini Winge ....

... Then I can get on with the rest of my day!


I don't know why, and I am annoyed with myself for feeling low .... but I am.  Even with this weekend coming up, I am alternating between the highs of James and all my friends ... and the lows of "me" at present.

Yes, I know I have an amazing life .... Yes, I know I have a great faith .... Yes, I know that I have a super weekend coming up ...

But I still feel low!!!


Right, moan over!

Last night, orchestra was hard work - both the pieces I am having problems playing ... some of it is lack of practice for one bit ... the rest just seemed lack of co-ordination, last night.  So, after breakfast is finished, I must get some practice done, first ... then I have no excuses!

I have to completely tidy house, as Tim and Claire are staying here this weekend.  Not that I am dirty (although I know I am untidy), but they are clean-freaks.  Still, it means I have to make an effort, and that in itself is good, to get everything sorted out.

I finally got a picture organised for James to sign on Saturday.  I'm not 100% happy with the choice, but it is one of my favourite poses he has done (the other is not great of me) ... and as it is to be personalised, I decided it would be nice to get that one with my name on.  If he does any others then I have one of the pics I took at Union Chapel done, so he can sign that, and keep the pattern going.  I just hope I get some decent photos this weekend. 

Speaking of which, anyone know what time we are meant to be there on Saturday, as I am hoping to meet up with a friend in the morning, who is over from New Zealand (don't ever say your life is boring, Deborah!).  Also, are we going to get a chance for extra autogarghs, or photos?

Well, for those who have read this far, I had better get on and get breakfast finished, and clarinet out!

Sorry to winge, hope you day is going better than mine!

James - eyes

Pic Scam - Plympton

A couple of weeks ago, on my Friday I commented that I had been for a walk in the older part of the town. Yes, I took my camera, so, below the cut are some pictures of Plympton, South Devon .... and, if you want to see a bit about the history, then have a look here

Collapse )

Do Not Disturb - James!

366 MEME - Day 74 - Bude

I had to go to the bank this afternoon, and thought I would show you the centre of the town.  My bank is the red-brown building on the left ... the white one is also a bank (as is the building on the right!!!)

This small corner of tranquility is a small park, and always seems quiet, even though it is surrounded by roads.