April 12th, 2009

Cross - Paid in full

366 MEME - Day 58 - Sunday Walk

Everey Sunday, Jiffy has 2 walks, the first with Dad while I wash up, the second with Mum and I. On our walk we go past the local Parish Church. In Britain all large towns are divided into parishes, and Mum and Dad live in the parish of Barton, Torquay. Although this isn't te Church we attend I thought I would take the picture, as it has an Easter-related carving on the outside.

James with Halo!

Happy Easter ...

... I am sorry I haven't been around for the last 2 days.  I hope I haven't missed anything vital.  I have skimmed through the pages, and have seen a lot of Easter wishes ... to which I add my own.

Easter Sunday - the first true Sunday, the day of Jesus' resurrection.  A special day to remember - and for me to celebrate.  One line of a hymn has been going through my mind today -

"Because He lives I can face the future"

This makes me realise that I mustn't get down about life.  I really must focus ont he fact that my Faith is the most important thing - whatever happens to me I can face ... even this lonliness I still can't kick off.  (Now I have kicked myself up the backside again, I can continue!!)

Anyway, I had a great day - Church was lovely, a great time of celebration ... especially as it was our youngests child's 3rd Birthday as well.  Then lunch and our walk ... although I lost my car keys (and the key fob with a picture of James!!!!), so that is really annoying, expensive (for the keys) ... and loss of James .... GRRrrrragh!

When I got back from re-walking the whole walk (with Jiffy!), Tim and Claire had arrived, and we had a lovely time.  Claire and I did tea, and they have just gone home.

Claire has arranged to see if Dragonball is on local to them, as she has said she will go with me, so I don't have to go by myself, which is lovely as it is not her sort of film!

Well, let me finish where my today started -

Hallelujah, Jesus Christ is Risen ... and alive for evermore!