April 6th, 2009

Squeee - James

James And Sullivan Marsters.

I dare say most of you have seen this video that shinyshinybaum  brought to our attention, via Salchi at CDS.

However for those who haven't, it is the most amazing way to start a Monday morning.

For those who think something looks wrong - James plays the guitar right-handed, so this is a mirror image - I suspect to just maintain a small amount of the privacy he values for his family.


Adventure before dementia

366 MEME - Day 52 - Visitors!

Just as I got to DJ's this morning I had a text message from my sister-in-law Brenda to ask if it was OK if they popped in at lunchtime ... So, here is my brother Nick, and wife Brenda ... and left to right Andrew (13), Daniel (11), Joseph (6) and Thomas (9)


It is the first tme they have all been to my place - so it was great to see them.

DJ - plaited!

Short And Sharp!

No - it's OK, I just didn't have time for a long ride this morning, as I had just heard my brother and family were going to be at my place by noon.

So, I brought him in and gave him a good groom - something I can't neglect this time of year.  Sadly his throat is very sore - he has actually managed to rub down to bare skin over his scar ... so had to use calomine on him!

Then Toni and Smudge & DJ and I just went up the road and back.

Lovely to ride and chat ... and just get back as the rain started.  Then time for a quick feed before out to his field with his hay, and I had to sprint home!
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What a Monday - first there is a video of James and his son, here if you missed it.

Then I had my brother, Nick, call round - which had some problems ... but he has never been to my house, so it was great to think that they bothered (will post more one day ... not today, I'm too happy)

Then, to cap it all - I managed to get a booking for the Saturday night ... so am in London for 2 nights, and don't have to miss the end of the gig if James is running late.

So - squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Never has a Monday been so great!!!!!!