April 2nd, 2009

DJ - plaited!

DJ - Poor Boy ... He Really Deserved The Extra Carrots!

Before I went to gt DJ in this morning, I popped in to say Hi to Toni and family ... to find out how DJ have done yesterday. Yes, he had been out, down to the Church and back, riden by Toni's step-mum.

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Anyway, DJ was impeccably behaved yesterday - he kept up, didn't spook, concentrated, and Janet loved her outing.

So, I went out to see the 2 boys ... and, wish Conrad a Happy Birthday! Then collected DJ and walked in.


I didn't have time to give him a thorough groom, so it was a "flick-off" around his saddle area, then through the tack on, and ready to ride up the road with Toni and Smudge. In the yard I re-adjusted the styrrups, then got annoyed with DJ for not listening to what I was asking him to do ... Only to find I had twisted his reins as I put them on. So, poor boy (yes, I apologised profusely) was actually doing as I asked ... just I was giving him the opposite instructions to the ones I meant. I AM SORRY, DJ!!!!

Once untangled we continued on, and then had a canter up the verge, which was great fun. The sun is shining here ... lovely day, so it was great to be out.

Once back, I had coffee, while DJ had extra hay and carrots, before I fed him and took him and the boy's hay out to their field.


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Writing MEME - From A Reader's Point Of View.

A couple of weeks ago, I started something by posting a MEME asking about how and why those of us who write fan-fics get their ideas etc.  Well, here it is again, but the questions have been turned around by sarian71  so that those of us who read fan-fics can answer.

Well, as I have just said to her, I am doing this for 2 reasons -
  • I am addicted to fan-fic ... Spuffy Fan-Fic
  • This list of questions was actually written by kalinda001  to ask her friends about their thoughts on their writing abilities.  She is writing the most amazing Blakes 7 saga, which I would rec to anyone who wants to read a Blakes 7 storyline.
So, thanks Kal for the original idea, and thought you would like to see that this MEME is going round, and how Sara has now reversed the questions.

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Adventure before dementia

Question About May 2nd

I was wondering if any of my friends could help.

I have booked to London on Friday, overnight on the Friday ... then what do I do?

The coach leaves Victoria at 11pm .... will the event finish on time, or will James run over?  I would love to know it would over-run, but that would leave me with a rush to get to Victoria.

So, now I am in a quandry ... do I book that coach, or another overnight and the 7am coach instead?

Any hints?
Not pleased.

Re My Last Question!

Thanks for the answers - yes, great idea to stay the extra night ... except I forgot it's a Bank Holiday!  So, nowhere to stay, having decided that is what I would do!

So, James, Don't run over ... please!
James - eyes

Pic Scam - Kilkhampton

Don't tell my Beta ... I'm meant to be writing, as my seasonal_spuffy  date is fast approaching, and I haven't scribbled things yet!

Anyway, this morning as I was coming back from riding, I stopped at Kilkhampton Church to take photos of the flowers that my friend's mum had for her funeral. I don't know whether she will have thought about it ... or even if she wants them, but they are taken now ... Better safe than sorry.

Anyway, thought I would share with you one picture of the grave - as well as 4 pictures of the Church.

Collapse )Ooops - I now realised that all of them have "leaning towers" ... Must concentrate more!!!!