April 1st, 2009

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366 MEME - Day 47 - Bude's New Ornament ???

I went for a walk this afternoon to see the new "attraction" that is going in at the edge of the Canal.  It apparantly is meant to represent part of a chain to celebrate the maritime and canal history.

The structure is complete, but as you can see, they are still working on the lettering .... Don't ask me what is says, it's in Cornish ... the 3rd section of this "design"


I then carried on for a longer walk, and took some nature photos, which will be up on my LJ soon.
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Mini Pic Scam.

I have had a lazy day today - not much this morning, other than going to the funeral of a mother of a friend of mine.  She died suddenly 10 days ago of heart failure, and I will always be thankful that she introduced me to her daughter, Sharon ... who in turn introduced me to 2 other friends ... Chris, and Sylv.

The Church was packed, so it was nice to see that people had taken the time to both say "Goodbye" and to support Ron, Sharon (and Anthony, her partner).

After lunch, as I said on my 366 MEME, I went for a walk, and took a few pictures.  Some of them (on the next post) were along the river - These 3 were on my way down there ... and also happen to be my favourites.

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Sanity - overated!

How Insane Am I???? - A MEME!

Just had Mum on the phone about Easter plans ... she is heading for the weekend, and ignoring the op - which is a great thought, even though slightly wearing .... Don't get me started on my brother Nick, I shall be here all night!

Anyway, to try to take my mind off Nick I have snagged a MEME from jaded_jamie</lj>  .... How Insane Am I?  I am sure all of you are already giving me the total it should be!!  So, for those who want to know what the answers are, they are below the cut -

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