March 17th, 2009


Calling All Aliens!!

Last night I was reading in bed, as I always do, when the lights went out .... and then back on.  So, I re-set my alarm clock and settled down to read the end of the chapter ...

And the lights went out again!

So, this time, as they came back on I turned out my light, having turned off the electronic alarm and settled down to sleep.

Now this is whn I realised that my local council was signalling to someone.

My bedroom has a street light just outside the window - and for the next 1/2 hour the lights flicked off and on in a random pattern.  I just wish I had learnt my Morse Code!

So, if this is my last posting here, it is because I have been taken off to Planet X .... send Dr Who ... or Piccolo to rescue me ... please!
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