March 13th, 2009


Mum Will Have To Have An Op!

I may have mentioned in the past that Mum had Bell's Palsey in 2004, just after we lost our Spaniel, Misty.  Well, sadly things never really cleared up 100% and then about 2 years ago her face started getting worse.

She has seen various docs and last year, at long last, saw a doctor who actually realised what a struggle she has with her vision - Having lost most of her sight in the other eye a few years ago.

He tried some injections, which worked for a few weeks, so we were hopeful that a treatment had been found - but the doctor said it would be better if he operated to removed fat and skin from around the eyes (has to be both sides to match), and also to raise her eye-brow.

She hasn't a date at present, as she only heard yesterday ... but thought I would scribble this here, so if I start to panic about her, you know why.

366 MEME - Day 28 - 1,000 Pieces!

Just got thie last few pieces in while I was having my cuppa when I got in from work!  The picture isn't great as I just cheated and used the flash - but at least I get it posted today!


1,000 pieces, and so many colours it was reall hard.  For the observant, you may be able to see the R.N.L.I. Flag in the pic ... this is a charity supporting the Royal National Lifeboat Campaign.