March 11th, 2009

Spike - LiveJournal

Thinking About My LJ!

I realised that over the last few weeks I have posted often ... but other than my DJ updates, and my James Squeee, most of what I have on my LJ are Memes and weird stories/quotes.

kalinda001   is spending a few days posting about specific things.  I am not going to copy her idea, but it has made me think that I need to get back to an occasional "me" post.  Even if you don't want to read it (you can always skip) ... but I am working hard at getting focus back in my life.  So, rather than just the junk you usually see, I am going to aim to post some thoughts and ideas over the next few weeks.

I dare say the silly stuff will be just as prevelent ... I have a couple of friends who e-mail me the stuff, and it is good to share the laughs.

Anyway, my thought for today was while I was reading my Bible this morning.

You know, I have often said that one of my moans about people is lack of manners and courtesy.  I was brought up, both my my family, and my school to respect my elders.

I know that one of the 10 Commandments is that of honouring your parents ... in fact it is the only commandment with a promise attached.

Well, today as I was reading through various laws that God was setting out for The Children of Israel, concerned with sexual sin (in Leviticus 19), there was a verse I never noticed.  At the end of the list was :-

"Stand in the presence of your elders".

Well, it is something I was brought up to do, but had never noticed that it is mentioned in the Bible.

The only weird thing I must also comment is that I tend to forget that as I am now 47, maybe some people shouldbe giving way to me ... that is not a nice way to take this thought!!!

DJ - plaited!

Wednesday - And A Good Boy!

As I promised when I posted my 366 Day Meme picture earlier, I would have another couple of pictures.

This one is as I opened the gate into their field -

And now I am walking towards them ... Conrad is, as ever, hopefull for a piece of DJ's carrot.

For those who are wondering - DJ is a typical 14.2 pony ... whereas Conrad is not yet 5, unbroken, and as you can see by his bottom, he is still growing!!

Anyway, DJ walked in well, and then had a good-ish groom.  It is very hard to be thorough when he is wet and muddy.  I did manage to plait him, but not easily!

We then waited for Toni to tack up Smudge before heading out to meet up with Ros.  The weird thing is that I think DJ was jealous that Smudge did the gate, as while we were waiting DJ was skipping (and threw in a small buck!).

Anyway we met up with ros and no-name and proceede to go down to the Church and back.  The weather was murky and damp, but not bad enough to make riding dangerous.  Idf light levels drop, I don't ride ... it is not worth the risk ... Toni is the same.

It was a lovey ride, and DJ was great - I made him keep at walk the whole time, rather than his normal jog that he does.  He even managed to keep up a pretty good pace, and we only had to trot a few steps on a couple of occasions.

He more than deserved his feed when he got home.

Spuffy - Heaven on Earth

It's All Going Wrong ~ So I'm Doing A MEME!

I signed up for seasonal_spuffy   and last week started my story, so pleased with myself that I was organised. 

However the plot has ended up being a Spike - Joyce friendship fic. 

So ... Now I have to start again, from a new point .... and get writing.  I will finish the other fic as well, but as running against the clock fot the S_S story ... so must concentrate on that.

Anyway, instead of doing that, I am clearing my mind, by doing a longish MEME that I snagged from kudagirl .   It is below the cut as there are 100 questions!!

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