March 9th, 2009

James - buzz cut & name.

Health Update ... And Some Questions Answered.

I had planned to go riding this morning - the sun is shining ... but it is very windy.  Although I have not filled you in on the boring state of my lungs in some time, this gives me the perfect oppertunity.

I can breathe - almost OK ... still feel a bit tight, but when I compare it to last month I am feeling great!

However, I can't stop coughing.  I had similar about 8 years ago and no conclusions were made then.  So although I feel find, windy weather finishes me off! 

So, until my opticians appointment this afternoon I am trying to get things done that need to be done -

Clarinet reeds bought.
Finger supports ordered (my finger is too week to work without support, I have learnt) ... but who cares, it is still there!
Letter written to a friend.
... and Toni is coming over for treatment - and a chat!

So, until she arrives I will get on with the questions that kaczurda   asked me in her Interviwe MEME ....

1. when was the first time you watched buffy?
2. how many times have you met james?
3. have you lived in the same town all your life?
4. how many pets have you had?
5. has DJ ever done any type of competition?

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So, if any of you want me to be interviewed, just ask in a comment, and I shall ask 5 questions.  I know I did this a few weeks ago, so I'm not worried if you don't play this time!!

Enjoy the rest of your Monday.

Adventure before dementia

What?? No Way Is That Me!!!

Snagged from slaymesoftly  ... Wow - How wrong can these be ... this must be a winner.

I am not confident, hate speaking in public (I have to do the speach at the end of an orchestral concert so I should know) ... and I am actually one of the least confident people you are ever likely to meet.

Mind, you ... I am impatient ... they have that right.

You Are A Birch Tree

You possess a rare strength, and you are supremely confident.

A lover of surprises, you live for the unexpected and are good at adapting.

You are a good speaker and not in the least bit shy.

You have many talents, and you enjoy impressing others.

Your only downfalls are that you tend to be impatient and look down on others.

And - don't forget, as I live in Cornwall, I technically live in a Celtic Country!!!  Must be the fact I am an Essex-girl that has confused them!!

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