February 26th, 2009

DJ - plaited!

Perfection ~ Your Name Is DJ

Yes - for those of you who read of DJ's adventures you will know of one or two struggles I have had with him ... Well, I take them all back (for today at least)

He walked in at a good pace, and allowed himself to be groomed all over - ever round those hard-to-reach places!

He stood still for his plait, and din't figit when I tacked him up.

No boots today - first time in months.

He stood still as I got on him, and listened to what I was asking him to do to both open and close the gate as we left.

He walked steadily up the road, ignored the dog at the shop and stood still while Ros got on "no-name", then walked up the road.

He didn't spook at anything - gates, mud, marks on the road (mind you we didn't pass THE mark), birds, US planes ... or the 3 huge lorries that came towards us.

He didn't psh no-name while trotting, and went in front or behind as asked.

Then stood quite while Ros and I chatted before walking back home, and again passing a large lorry.

I then fed him, un-plaited him and took him out to his field before feeding all 5 of them, collecting Kai and heading home for lunch.

So, if you have any spare carrots, DJ truly deserves them

YAY !!!!!
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The Saturday Is Announced -

If you haven't already seen it - The news has gone up on JM lIve :-

Sign up for a day with James including an exclusive acting "Marstersclass" on Saturday, May 2, at The Drill Hall in London.

James will be taking to the stage to offer people a rare opportunity to see how he tackles acting roles and gets under the skin of a character as part of a day and evening that also includes a concert, Q&A sessions, personalised autographs, photos and much more.

The masterclass special will see him join forces with Torchwood co-star Gareth David Lloyd to offer a behind-the-scenes peek into the world of acting followed by a question and answer session about stage, TV and film work.

Tickets go on sale at 16:00 on Friday, February 27.

So - now panic begins, as to whether I can get tickets - I work Friday afternoons, so trying to get to a phone - and get through - PANIC !!!!

As you may have guessed, I really want to be able to go!