February 22nd, 2009


Just Sharing My Saturday Evening ... And Jiffy Doing An Impersination Of James!

I didn't get up in time to get to Church this morning as we had a hectic and stressful evening.

At about 5pm dad started getting pain in his eye, that wouldn't ease with drops, so I took him up to casualty - On admittance his blood pressure was over 200 ... Not that they told dad, but I paniced enough for both of us!

To cut a very long story short, his doctor had recently reduced his BP tabs, and now he wasn't having enough. The ECG and urine tests were clear, although the blood tests were showing up some kidney problems, which he is aware of. So, overall good news. The hospital gave him a small extra dose of tablet and it loweredenough for him to come home ... well, via the eye clinic.

That turned out to be ingrowing eye-lashes, so he is now booked in for electrolosys!!!

Anyway - a late and stressful night, leads to sleeoping through the alarm clock!

So, I am here, catching up with LJ, and taking a couple of pics - one of which was for my 366 Day MEME that I am doing.

I also thought I would share this one of Jiffy doing an impression of James!!!!