February 16th, 2009


366 MEME - Day 3 - Chips.

Well this MEME is about my normal day ... and lunchtime ended up rushed, so it was a case of easy to cook food ... which in this case is also my favourite food. As anyone who has read any of the question-meme thingies will know ... chips are a special treat for me.

So, here is part of lunch - oven chips, in this case, ready to go on the plate and get coated in salt and pepper.


DJ - plaited!

At Long Last ....

... I managed to get to see DJ this morning. 

I posted a picture of him in the snow yesterday - that had been over a week of not being able to get to him, then being ill last week I abandoned him!!

So, today I went to see him and go riding ...

Ha, Ha

Guess who had other plans .... Yes!

Guess who was missing a shoe ... Yes!


So, we went up the road for a very short distance with Junior and Toni and then back ... he then had a lot of hay while I went and had coffee with Toni and got organised for the next couple of weeks - Toni and her husband are on holiday, so with all the animals there is a lot to plan.

Ros popped in while I was there to say Hi, and ask if I was riding on Wednesday, so I told her I would have to let her know.

She and I then walked DJ back out, as he was going back in his old field, I then moved Conrad in to join him.  It is weird leading Conrad - as he is over 17 hands (in other words over 12" taller than DJ.

So, I left complete with list of feeds and phone numbers.
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