February 14th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Just Chatting!

Haven't seen Numb3rs yet - but hope to get to see it next week.

Great to see James working - and I also see he has added a venue for the Sunday in May, so I won't be going there - but waiting to hear what the Saturday will bring ... and already in a state of panic that I won't be able to get tickts - LOL.

As to health news - I'm still coughing but now feeling OK as the virus has gone, although the constant breathlessness and now the cough is very exhausting.  Awaiting a date to see the specialist.

Our neighbour Eric is still waiting tests, but Auntie Joyce has been told there are cancer cells in the lymph glands that can't be treated; whereas with Kay, things are progressing well.

So overall things are OK - and am happy to have the prospect of James to look forward to ... so, on that note, I wish all my friends a