January 27th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Health Updates ... And Spring Is On The Way.

Just to get you all back up to date with health issues!

I am still finding some problems breathing, however am much better than I was. I went to orchestra practice last night and was able to play most of the way through. We have a concert in 10 days and I do have someone who will cover for me if neccesary, so that takes some of the pressure off.

Auntie Joyce is home. Today is her birthday, so it is good that she is home for that. I just hope that she doesn't have an emotional relapse now she will be by herself.

Slv's daughter Kay is still in hospital, and had her pacemaker fitted last week. They hope to be able to be home by the end of this week. Although stressful, Kay herself will not remember these days and will grow up used to the device, so that is a positive focus for us all.

On a sadder note my parents neighbour, who is also a close friend, has just phoned to say that he has had his test results - cancer of both kidneys. So, he has decisions o make.

So, overall, lots of positive news ... although not so good for Eric.

Over the weekend, when I started taking a few pictures for the mEME I also spotted these snow-drops in Mum and Dads garden - so wanted to share ... Spring is on the way!