January 26th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Photo MEME - Some Answers!

At the end of last week I did the photo MEME where I asked you to suggest a photo that you wanted to see - It is here if you missed it.

Anyway, below the cut are the pictures of where I work, my computer ... and some of my James memorabilia!

They were suggested by auntiero   jaded_jamie   and kalinda001 

All the pictures were basically taken in the one room!  Although I have added pics of the room I work in on a Friday, when I am in Plympton.

Anyway - Below the cut is my treatment room ... cum dining room!

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James - eyes

Photo MEME - Some More Answers!

Well I have just posted one set of answers Here  ... and here are some more.

beanbeans  asked me for a picture of a favourite tree or field ... Well, I will try to get my absolute favourite tree tomorrow, but until then there are some other trees ... and some fields.  

kudagirl   asked to see my car and my kitchen.  Don't look at the dirt on the car - remember I drive along country roads all the time (LOL), and my kitchen is small, so hard to take pictures, but here are a couple.  I know that you also asked about jewellery - so will do those later (promise)

act3scene1  asked for my front door - another dirty object(!) and an untidy garden - so I hope you don't mind in that I cheated slightly!!

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