January 21st, 2009

DJ - plaited!

We Make A Great Couple!

I am still gasping for breath, even though I am perfectly healthy!

So, I went to see DJ this morning - and sauntered in with him, to find he had left his front shoes somehere in his field!  It is really muddy out there, so not suprising at all - so I got filthy checking that the shoes had come off cleanly, and not left any clenches in ... then when I checked his backs I had to dig out a stone that was wedged under one of them - so 3 out of 4 feet were causing him problems!

Still, he was happy - carrots, hay, short feed and then back to his field ... and to a rare patch of sunshine!
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I couldn't agree more!

Mothers - The World Over!

I have just been sent this video and I have uploaded so that I can share with you all - It is so funny ... and even though I have had no kids, I hear my mother saying so much of this -

The Mom Song

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Update On Kay.

For those who read my post last week about my Dad's sisters  ... Well today is the day of her masterctomy - So won't know anything really until tomorrow.

However I can update you on Kay, who was also in that post, for those who missed it.

I had a text message from Sylv that said :-

"Kays heart has a block between upper and lower chambers. So she will need a pacemaker.  She's feeding well, but cries when docs or nurses touch her."

I will admit I thought pacemakers were for those in their 60's ... not for someone who is only 8 months old.