January 20th, 2009

Cowboy James - Wanted

Learning About Me?!?! ... Again!

I did this yesterday with my real name and got the following answers -

D is for Dorky

E is for Exuberant

B is for Bouncy

O is for Outrageous

R is for Romantic

A is for Artistic

H is for Heavenly

I quite liked those answers (sorry[info]jaded_jamie    I know you didn't like your test results!).  However [info]kudagirl   said that Outrageous wouldn't be me ... and I had to agree, so she suggested I see what my user-name comes out ... so here it is:-


What Debrisspike Means: D is for Dainty

D is for Dainty

E is for Enthusiastic

B is for Bubbly

R is for Relaxing

I is for Influential

S is for Sappy

S is for Striking

P is for Popular

I is for Inspirational

K is for Keen

E is for Earthy

Can't say anyone who knows me would call me dainty ... "Bull in a china-shop" is more fitting!  And I am certainly not influential, or inspiring ... and what does earthy mean (LOL) ... that sounds more like DJ!!!

So, you can see which you think is the more appropriate!

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Yes, I have done it again ... more tests ... no answers!  So I now have 3 doctors completely baffled!

X-rays were clear ... lungs and heart and temperature still all OK ... And then my doctor took enough blood to feed an army of vampires ...

But his answer is "I haven't a clue.  Atleast we can be assured there is nothing sinister."

So - now I am left with the "see how it goes" ... and if I get worse to return.  He will ring me in 2 days to let me know my blood test results, so until then ... I'll try to hold my breath!

Adventure before dementia

Watching The Inaugeration.

It's amazing, but until this last year it would have been something that would have passed me by as just another day on the calender.

Now, thanks to so many of my friends (and a certain actor who I know will be doing his tigger impression today!), I actually was glad that having a lazy day meant that I could watch the ceremony - and to be part of a day that gives such hope for a bright future (even if it is some time in the future).

The other great thing I loved, on a personal note, is that all the commentators kept saying how young President Obama is ... So, I have no excuse for not re-gaining that positive attitude I am fighting back towards ... We are both 47!