January 19th, 2009

Cowboy James - Wanted

Is It Asthma ... Or James?

Wow, what a morning - I really can't breathe easily this morning.

I could say that for the first time in years my asthma is causing me problems, or (more likely) I follwed my friends advive to check out the pictures of James ... and suddenly I am really gasping for air!!

Why is that???

Off to recover - I don't think lying down in a darkened room will be too helpful though!
James - silhouette

Just A Grey Monday Morning.

Well the rain is coming and going, but the skies are grey here.  Very windy - so I haven't dared go to see DJ until I can get my breathing under control (see last post - LOL!)

Anyway, I am being a good girl and getting lots of things done, including some e-mails.

As I sent them, the one that I am sharing came in ... as it made me smile I thought I would cheer up your Monday mornings ... Well, hope I do ...

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Adventure before dementia

I Have The Answer - It Is James!

Further to my post this morning, I have actually just got back from the hospital, as my breathing got worse during the day.

BP - Normal
SATS - 99%
Pulse - Normal
ECG - Normal
Lungs - Clear
Thyroid - OK
Breathing rate - good

So - I have stumped 2 doctors and 2 nurses ... I can't breath, but there is no reason, so it must be seeing those pics of James that were posted over the weekend!!

I am going to have chest X-rays tomorrow ... so I shall have to see if I can find "his name engraved on my heart" (Thank you Queen ElizabethI, for lending me your quote!)