January 18th, 2009

No time

Fly-By Post ... And Update On Kay

This is only to say "Hi" ... and then to say "See you later".  I had no internet since Thursady evening - so if I missed any vital news can you point me in that direction, please.

I have to get on with reading for The Spark & Burn thingy ... most of the fics I have this time are long - which is great, as I love longer fics, but it means a lot of reading and concentration to make sure that I am being fair.


Thank you to all those who sent their love and best wishes - I will tell Sylv about it when they are all home ... However, I received a text message this evening that I thought I would pass on :-

"Kay came out of ICU yesterday evening (3 days after the op, for those who have lost track!).  Had her chest drains out this afternoon.Bit unpleasant for her.  Shes eating alright now.  She started smiling again at teddy."

So - as you can see, so far all is going well.

Must get on - Hope you all had a good weekend.