January 13th, 2009

Squeee - James

More Work For James!

I know that by now most of you will have seen the news. It is up on my f-list and heard from JM-News as well ... However I wanted to add my squeeee.

I am just so gald that he is getting the work - both in these days of economic uncertainty, but also in recognition of the fact, that the rest of us have known for ages ...

He is a great actor!

Anyway - if you were on another planet yesterday, here is the news :-


James is working this week on the hit CBS drama NUMB3RS. He plays Damon Lake, the owner of a fleet of cargo planes who has done extensive work for the CIA. Now he's running illegal arms to hostile buyers in the Middle East and it's up to Don and Charlie to bring him down. Stay tuned for an air date.

James has also recently completed a voice over for the animated series Marvel Super Hero Squad playing the character of Mr. Fantastic.


What An Entrance!

I was doing some roning while waiting for dinner to cook ... and have sen all of Torchwood 1 ... So, started Torchwood 2 ... "Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang"

And, all I can say is

"What an entrance"


OK - James

MEME - Random Questions ... Again!

No - don't panic ... I'm not procrastinating ... I was getting withdrawel symptoms from MEMEing ... so had to fix the problem!

You can't moan at me ... can you?

Anyway - I snagged this from[info]oldgreymare and it is a set of random questions ... starting with a couple of basic facts:-

1 What does your LJ quote mean?
Eternal refuge = I believe in eternal life, as I have a deep faith ... which is also my refuge from all that life throws at me.
But, it also is a reference to Spike ... which is how I ended up in LJ in the first place. Spike, in un-dead (eternal, unless he meets the stake with his name), and given the chance, he would let Buffy seek refuge in his arms!
Because Everybone Needs Dreams = My subtitle, is really just a positive statement that is normally what my life is about.
But, there again, it is Spike related - he always had dreams. 


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