January 9th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

Yay - It Was OK!

Following my mild panic last night, that I told you about here I am pleased to say that Mike (the boss) had managed to speak to both the patients this morning.

Mind you, they both seemed to think it was partly their fault, so I did try to (gently) point out that it wasn't!!!

Everything was OK - MIke tried very hard to make sure I felt "at home" which was great ... but as I have been qualified for 25 years, a it unnecessary.  Although, I suppose if he had ignored me,I would have been more upset!

So, now I'm at Mum and Dad's, and missing Band.  I really must get motivated, but it was cool again tonight, and being still suseptable to the cold, I decided to wait for another week or so before re-starting!  (Well, that's my excuse tonight!)

Hope that you all had a great Friday - and that you have a super weekend!

~ ~ ~ 

On a completely random note -

Do any of you have an icon I can snag, or could one of my f-list make me an icon that I can use when chatting about work ... a skeleton, a skull, joint with muscles ... with or without my name.