January 8th, 2009

Adventure before dementia

The 16 Thing MEME.

When I first saw this MEME on my f-list and told myself that I wouldn't do it ... So, here I am thinking of 16 things!

One of the reasons for saying I wouldn't is that last year I did the 7 weird things MEME ... 3 times!  So, combining with the fact, I tend to whitter on a lot I thought that you would all know what my list migth contain.  Having seen others lists, I realised that some of my friends are more recent additions to the madness that is me ... so, I have given in.

Here goes -

  1. Although you have all seen my DJ stories, what some of you may know is that until I was 33 I had never, ever even touched a horse ... Let alone ridden one.  I am one of these mad adults who have decided to do something new!
  2. I am a head-banger in my sleep ... when stressed.
  3. I have never actually had a boy-friend.
  4. I never wear make-up ... partly from my up-bringing.  However I love jewellery .... especially rings.  As I type this I am actually wearing 10 of them.  I only have one hole per ear, but wouldn't not wear earings.  I usually have a barecelet on each wrist, as well as a watch on my right am.  It is also unusual for me to not be wearing a necklace.
  5. I am (still) impossibly shy ... hate walking into a room, even if I know I am meeting someone there.
  6. I am self-taught on the clarinet.
  7. I am (basically) ambi-dextrous.  For example,  I work left handed, write right handed, did judo left handed ... but fenced and did archery with either hand.
  8. I love jigsaws - but of unusual scenes.  at present I am working on a 3,000 and a 1,000 piece at Mum and Dads house; whilst here I am doing a 1,000 piece one of Captain Jack Sparrow.
  9. Until I saw Spike in the last season of Buffy (the first episode I saw!), I had never had a celebrity whose carreer I followed ... James, as ever, is a first!
  10. I had never, ever been to a concert until May 2007, when I went to see James Marsters in London.  I have now been to 4 concerts ... guess who the other 3 were performed by!
  11. I am a hoarder.  I have items here belonging to everyone from the family - nothing can be thrown away if I am around!  I also have some old things such as some wine glasses from a pub that my Great-Grandfather sold in 1904.
  12. I am a member of The Plymouth Brethren ... but have attended on a regular basis, Churches of almost every denomination.
  13. I have a hopeless memory for names, but am quite good with numbers, and great at obscure facts!
  14. My sense of direction is great ... until I get on a horse ... Then I can get lost going up a straight road.  Toni and Ros both laugh and tell me that I should never go out by myself, they would never see DJ or me again.
  15. I have been a bridesmaid 3 times.  The first to a friend in Michigan, the next to Claire and then to Brenda - my 2 sister-i-laws.  At each event I wore the same neckalce - the one my Mum and my Aunt wore on their wedding days, and the one my Grandmother wore on hers.  It was her wedding gift from my Grandfather ... and it has only been worn on those 6 occasions.
  16. And, finally - Hate to say it, but I love ironing!!

You are meant to tag people, but I am not going to.

Adventure before dementia

What A Way To Start Me At The New Job!

I have just had a phone call from the guy I am going to start doing some work for on Fridays, to say that there were 3 patients booked in, but that 2 of them were booked in at the same time!

Ummm - Why????????

He then went on to apologise and say he had tried getting hold of one of them to move them ... but if he couldn't he was sure I would cope as I had run my own business for years!

With a "Goodbye, see you tomorrow", he rang off before I could point out that I don't know if I can cope - after all I have never, yet double booked an appointment slot!
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