January 7th, 2009

DJ - plaited!

2009 - And DJ Still Has To Work!

I think he thought that as he did some work last year he could have this year off - No such luck!

When we came in this morning he reminded me of the first time that I saw him.  The ground was rutted and frozen so he stumbled a few times - the first time I saw him he was about 3 hours old and he was trying to follow his mum across a muddy field where we were leading her to a box for them both (he was an unexpected foal, for those who didn't know).

Once in I tacked him up ... without his ear-muffs and Toni got Smudge and we went up to the farm and back.  We had to be pretty careful as there was still ice on the road - but managed to get them out OK.

Once back, DJ had some hay, another carrot and a feed, before going back to his field to grumble to Conrad about how hard life really is!!
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70 Years!

A lot of people quote the phrase "three-score years and ten", which comes from The Bible, as the length of time that our lifespan is.

70 years - A lifetime!


Well, last Saturday I drove Mum and Dad the 2 1/2 hour trip to the opposite side of Devon to celebrate a 70th .... A Platinum Wedding Anniversary!

My Mum's cousin Blanche married Charles on Boxing Day 1938, with Mum being the baby bridesmaid (at 10).  Amazingly all 4 bridesmaid are still alive, but only 2 were at the celebration.

Auntie Blanche and Uncle Charles are still well - with all their marbles.  They live in their own place, and Uncle Charles recently bought himself his first computer!  (Well he is only 95, so plenty of time to learn about the wonders of the pc yet)

Behind the cut are a few more pictures of the day -

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Poor Jiffy got left all day - but worth it to celebrate such an amazing event.

Adventure before dementia

A Bible Thought - Joseph

Just a reminder to myself ... and anyone who wants to read, behind the cut.  I ued to find when I was at college, the only way I could remember things was to write them down, so this way, I will (hopefully) remember my thoughts on Joseph.

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