December 15th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

What A Great Way to Start The week!

It was cold and bright this morning - so although it took some time to thaw out the car, it was still a lovely day!

As I walked up to DJ it was not too muddy, but having said that, when i saw him I decided that he seemed to have 1/2 the field over his body ... in fact his tail was more mud than hair!

Anyway, he walked in and then we had about an hour of quality "us" time ... grooming, and chatting about life!

Toni came out and took Junior out to a field, then tacked up smudge and we headed off.

It was still very bright - and cool, but no longer frosty, so a great day to be out and about!

DJ had to stop at his normal place to "powder his nose" - and when he had finished, Toni asked if we were up to cantering, and as it is a short way, I said yes.  She told us to go first - which tends to be unusual, so I was really pleased with how DJ behaved - a nice steady canter up the verge.

We only went around the farm and back - so short, but sweet.

it was a lovely ride, and once DJ was fed I hobbled back out to his field with him ... yes, my leg is still sore!!!
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Adventure before dementia

Jiffy - Pic Scam 1

I took some photos of Jiffy over the weekend ... these 4 show him "hard at work" ... well lying somewhere comfy, also of his early Christmas pressie that Mum made him.   She was going to make him wait for the 25th but often in a morning he is very lethargic, and I think he has been feeling the cold overnight, so Mum has knitted him a jumper, that he immediately loved.

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Adventure before dementia

Something To Be Happy About MEME - Day 7

Yes another great day.

The weather has been lovely - the sun has been shining and I had a lovely ride with DJ

I came back form seeing DJ to 2 cards from my dear friends - Thank you jamalov29   and spikereader   ... and yes, Carolyn, I hope that James arranges for us to be able to meet up again!!

And then, just as I was going to turn off my pc for the rest of the day, I checked in on CDS to find that the monthly Q&A from James is up ... so that is great as well.

Even better - last orchestra rehearsal until the New Year tonight!!

I iz happy!