December 3rd, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Any Guitar Players Out There?

I really have a technical question.

This lunchtime while my dinner was cooking I was yet again addressing Christmas Cards and had the TV on a music channel for 5 mins (to save me putting on a CD!) ... and was singing along!

Then I realised that the next song was one I hadn't heard in years - "Mull of Kintyre" by Wings ... OK, now for my question ...

Paul McCartney plays his guitar back-to-front ... James doesn't.

Why do some lefties play a guitar the other way round, and some don't.?

I am ambi-dextrous and do some things one way, soe the other ... and some (like fencing) I can do with either hand.

So, just wondered what the advantages were, as I would have thought the left hand had the more difficult work with a stringed instrument.  (Clarinets and saxophones can't be changed ... you use both hands, with the left above the right!)
DJ - plaited!

Wednesday Already?

Yes, poor DJ, how has he coped with not having to work?  He does have a tough life!

Although to be honest, it is very muddy for him, which he loves, but, he is rapidly running out of grass - Which he hates!  Both Toni and I are keeping it monitored, as I will have to get hay for him soon.  Anyone who says that the weather is the same as last year is wrong ... This will be DJ's 3rd Christmas at Toni's, and the first I have needed to buy hay!

Anyway, I hobbled (and sloshed) out to him ... and hobbled back with him.  By then I had decided it would be silly to ride, so started giving him a bit of a groom, when Toni came out to the stables to see to Junior and Smudge, I told her that I wouldn't ride ... she managed to persuade me that we wouldn't go far, and it would do my old leg injury good (which is true!).

So, I tacked him up and Toni rode Junior and led Smudge and we made our way down to meet Ros and Rosie.

We didn't go far - in fact Ros and Rosie left us about 1/2 way round so that they could have a good ride.

Yes, I did ache by the time I got back - although not as bad as it could have been, as I rode without stirrups, so that I was not weight-bearing on the leg at all, just working the muscles.  All in all good practice to do anyway!

Once back I fed DJ and watched Toni lead Smudge round the yard with her 2 year old granddaughter sitting on him.  She takes after her Nan!!

Then back to the field with DJ - as the sun is out, he will have a lovely day.  It is cold, but he has his long winter coat at present, so is keeping himself warm OK  (Another thing I do keep an eye on him for!)

# # #

Needless to say, as I type this, my leg is killing me!
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