November 12th, 2008


My Bible Made Me Choke Today!

I know a lot of you would say that could happen every time!!

Anyway - ach morning I start the day with a couple of tablets and a pint of cold water.  While drinking the water I sit quietly and read my Bible and pray ... then it is breakfast, LJ and the rest of the day.

Anyway, this morning I was reading in 1 Timothy and as I drank some more water I came to the verse :-

"Don't drink only water"  You ought to drink a little wine ... "  (1 Tim 5 v 23 NLB)

How appropriate - however, I didn't have the wine, but do have a cup of tea with with my breakfast ... so I think that counts ... LOL
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DJ - plaited!

Wow - Do I Have To Worry?

He walked towards me again today and was lovely and calm as he walked in ... and didn't even get upset that Smudge (who was in a box we had to pass) tried to bite DJ's bottom.

He was great when I was grooming him - and didn't figit while I was tacking him up.

After how brilliant he was yesterday, and then this, I will admit my heart sank a bit!

Anyway, Ros and Rosie arrived, Toni rode Smudge and led Junior ... and off we went.

There was quite a lot of large traffic on the roads, including some men replacing some of the overhead power cables - but he was great ... although he did sidestep slightly, when Rosie slammed into him as she lept away from a reversing car.

All in all he was great.

In fact on the way home, Toni and Rosie were teasing us - so we actually went in front for about 1/2 mile, to prove how good he was being.

We were out for about and hour and a quarte, in lovely sunny weather - so all in all a really beautiful way to spend a morning.

It is great to see that DJ's leg is still holding well, with the strappings - so that is good news.

He looked so clean this morning when we left - Ros said that it looked as if he had been power-washed ... rain!!!!   But, sadly, by the time we got back he was very hot and sweaty ... all the horses were, but he is the only one who isn't clipped - so if you think about it, ewxercising in a fur coat would not be ideal!

I towelled him down thoroughly, brushed him ... then cleared the box etc before giving him a small feed - and back out to his field ... and a lovely roll!!  He didn't look quite so clean after that!
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Spuffy - End of days (asleep)

5 Thing MEME

Just finished late tea (I am one of those people who like to eat meals early-ish) ... and before I switch off the computer thought I would do the 5-thing MEME which I have seen on lots of LJs ... last one being deborahw37 

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