November 6th, 2008

Eternal refuge

The Icon MEME - Again

A couple of days agao crossreactivity   said that she wanted to be distracted from the election news ... so I said if she wanted to hunt through my icons, then she could!

So, here are the 5 she chose ... and amzingly, like the 3 people before her a couple are the same!

Anyway, if you have not seen this meme, and you want me to chose 5 of your icons, then let me know ... and as ever, I offer that if you want to know about any of mine, then you only have to ask!

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DJ - plaited!

Confusing The Week ... For DJ & Jiffy!

I do know it is Thursday today - yet this morning started off as a Wednesday ... I brought in DJ, groomed and tacked him ... and then Ros and Rosie arrived, just in time for Toni to have finished clipping Smudge ...

And so the 6 of us set up for a walk around the block.

We kept 99% at walk - and DJ went well.  He is still a little hesitant while trotting, which I had to ask him to do briefly a couple of times ... But all in all, great news.

And, the good news continues - he was pretty happy about the traffic, so whether it is my positive leg-reinforcement, his ear-muffs ... or just happy to be out, I don't know.  I just was happy to have a lovely ride with him today.

The back to his field ... where, before he spoke to Conrad, he got down and had a good roll!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Then not just content to confuse the other 5 by letting them think it was Wednesday, I have now confused Mum and Dad ... and Jiffy!

I went to the dentist this afternoon as I had broken a front tooth - she repairedit, so that is good news.

As my dentist is in Torquay, I have decided to take a long weekend ... especially as I am at a conference all day on Saturday ... so poor Jiffy wont know where he is!!