November 3rd, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Updating My Update From Yesterday ... But No Jiffy This time!

Sorry, if you missed yesterdays pic, then you missed the cuteness!

Anyway - Boiler update!

I phoned the company early this morning to find out why they didn't get back to me - The plumber had been involved in a car accident and is in hospital!  I do feel sorry for him - but ...!!!!

Anyway the third plumber in te team phoned me back (the other is away on a 3 week holiday, finishing Saturday) and she has said she will come this morning to get the boiler repaired - so I have heating, but doesn't think she will have time to do the gas fire as well (I have a back-boiler in case I forgot to say).

So, I have just had to phone Toni and tell her to apologise to DJ that he wont get his carrot this morning - Still the sun is out, so he should be having fun ... but I shall miss the fluffy look he will have in this cold weather!