October 28th, 2008


It's Amazing What You Learn If You Listen To The News!

As I was driving to see DJ this morning the news came on and there was a report about 2 men who were on trial in The USA for plotting to assassinate Senator Obama.

What stunned me is the fact that the reporter implied that if you behaed someone they don't die!

Yes - the reporter said that they had had planned to kill 86 (? numbers) of people and to also be-head 27 others ... So, that must mean that be-heading doesn't actually kill someone ... I never realised that before!
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DJ - plaited!

I've Been Riding!

Yes, this morning I have actually got on DJ ... and we went out onto the road ... More about that in a minute, as the hour before that was full of "adventure".


I went out to his field, and there was one fluffy boy walking across to meet me - He had obviously had a cold night, and as Toni hasn't yet repaired the fencing he is still on his self-imposed diet, so all in all Deborah plus carrot was a welcome site.

We walked in and just as we stepped into the stable block it started to rain - and then we had 10 minutes of horriffic noise - rain, hail and more rain.  I don't think I have seen (or heard) r that much noise before.  It was good we were there - both in that neither of us got wet, but also (as he was dry) I could give him a groom.  At present it is trying to keep a balance of keeping him clean, but without removing the natural oils from his coat.  I trimmed about 4" off his tail, ready for the reast of the winter - I hate doing it, but the overall result is great for the rest of the year.

His legs were slightly swollen, but not too bad, with one tiny patch of warmth present - so overall he is still OK.

When the rain stopped, Toni brought in Junior and we both tacked up.

Poor DJ - with saddle, bridle, ear-muffs and now boots it takes a few minutes for him to get dressed.  We were ready and I was standing outside his box, putting on my hat and glove - Toni got Junior out, I turned to open DJ's door, to hear a rattle - as his bridle and ear-muffs hit the ground ... and I hadn't even been aware that he had moved!

So, Toni rode Junior round the yard while I undid all the buckles (3) and the string, and got them all back on again!

Anyway, eventually we were ready, I got him out and got on.

We walked about 100 yards up the road, turned round and came back!  DJ is still sound on walk, and slightly lame in jog and in trot .... But overall great news, and something to slowly build on!

So back to his box and something to eat, before going back to his field.
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