October 21st, 2008

Adventure before dementia


I have done the icon MEME a few times over the months - but still love doing it, as I love icons.

Overall, I like having icons that I can use for specific reasons, moods, replies etc ... And, not suprisingly, quite a few are of a certain actor ... I do wonder who?

Anyway, I replied to alwaysjbj  and to dawnofme  and they chose 5 icons each - which are below the cut, complete with explanations.  The brilliant thing is that they chose 2 identical ones!

Anyway, for those of you who don't know, the MEME is that if you want, I will chose 5 of your icons, then you can post, as I am and explain a bit about them.

I also offer that if anyone wants to ask about any of my icons, then they can.

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DJ - plaited!

DJ Pic.

Toni is away on her holiday - celebrating her Dad's 65th Birthday, so I horse-sitting!

I went to check on them this morning, and they appear to have dried out after all that rain last night ... and all 5 of them are well.  Sadly DJ was slightly lame as he trotted over to me today, but I am going to take him for another stroll tomorrow and see how he is.  as you can see in the picture, the land is very wet, so the fact it is slippery is enough to make him wary.

Anyway, Smudge had his meal, the others had their carrots (yes, DJ did have more ... don't tell the others!), and I left them to enjoy the sunshine that is now breaking out.

And - DJ's back legs aren't a lot longer than his front ... his field slopes .. LOL

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Adventure before dementia

Enjoying An Evening Walk - Pic Scam.

Just been for a walk, to try to kill off the bugs in the cool air (!) and also as I am not able to ride at present, I suddenly realised that I am not doing much exercise.

Being the good girl that I am ... well, trying to remember to be, I took my camera with me.  (What else did you think I meant??)

Anyway - below the cut, are 3 pictures of The Atlantic at dusk ... and one of the river looking back towards Bude (with the sea behind me)

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Hope you enjoyed my evening walk round Bude as much as I did!