October 17th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

T ... W ... I ...T !!!

Yes,  guessed it - I must be talking about DJ!

When I went to check on him this morning it was to find he was in a different field ... and by himself!  I walked him in and he was sound, so that was good.  I had a look at his legs, and they were very slightly swollen, but absolutely no heat - so all in all great news.

I then went to fing Toni to find out why he was in another field.

This is where you will get my title - TWIT!!

Yesterday he broke out of his field and got in with Badger and Junior ... which did not please Badger at all.  They were having a fight when Toni saw it, and if she hadn't rescued DJ he would have lost, as he was the smaller of the two.  However, he was bouncing aroung, leaping up and down ... including kicking out at Badger (which meant he was moving and weight-bearing on his front legs!)

So he is now in another field ... with less grass, so that will be good for his waste-line, if nothing else.  Conrad is still in their field, but as Toni is on holiday for a few days, DJ has to be in the most secure field.

So - the overall story is positive - he has survived the experience, without injuring himself ... How is anyones guess.

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