October 15th, 2008


A Few Spuffy Icons.

Hi - I was mad enough to sign up for seasonal_spuffy  , and at this point, I wonder why I did ... LOL

Anyway, I have two offerings, the second of which is a story which I will be posting later on.

Below this cut are some icon / icon-bases. I am not an artist, but just enjoyed looking at Spike and Spuffy, so hope you enjoy a few glimpses to remind us all of this amazing couple. 

Teaser -

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So, I have just X-posted here, incase any of you are Spuffy fans, yet do not know of that community.

DJ - plaited!

One Very Dappled Boy!

As you all know DJ is a dappled grey - which essentially means he is all shades of grey through to white (and this will lighten every year).

When I went to get him in today to see how is was, it was hard to say if he was a Bay or a Grey ... yes, we have had rain, and he has been rolling!

I gave his tail and mane a good groom and checked the rest of him for bumps and bruises ... as well as giving his lower front legs a thorough check.

The sores are dry and healing well - there is some local warmth around the areas and a little general swelling - but otherwise he is doing well.

Toni came out and I trotted him up, and he trotted himself back (which is a good sign) ... and on evry 10th step he was just slightly sore ... but yes, another step on his recovery.

we stood chatting for a few minutes until Toni then pointed out the bit I hadn't seen (a combination of being in a box ... and colour-blind) ... he had a red face!!!  Yes, he aslo had a bit of orange on his lips.

The orange is carrot - of course.

The red - well he trashed a head collar and lost the next one - so I bought him a new one ... guess what colour it is ... red!!

So, all in all he is a very colourful boy at present - just glad the sores are healing as the gels used are luminous colours as well!!
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A Spuffy Fic - "Corrected Vision"

I have just posted my second offering of the day for my seasonal_spuffy</lj>    challenge and am X-posting it here, for my own convenience, and again for any who are not members of that community.

I had been watching Season 2 of BtVS and had alsways thought that spike should have been involved in this episode ... so here is my version of what actually happened!!

Story Name -  Corrected Vision

Rating - G
Word count - 4,800
Spoliers - Up to and including Season 2 episode - "I Only Have Eyes For You"
The story starts during this episode, and are my thoughts on what may have happened had spike been a witness to Buffy and Angel's meeting.

Disclaimer - I don't own anything (although like the rest of you, would love to have Spike! ... no profit is being made.

Finally - Huge and mega thanks to  mabel_marsters</lj>   for coping with me, and being a super Beta ... Thanks, you are the best.


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