October 9th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

There's Good News ... And There's Bad News

Of course!

Well, it wouldn't be DJ if it all went easily, would it.

We checked him this morning and looking good.  While strapped, he was sound.

So Toni suggested we see how he looks as he stands, so was holding the rope as I undid the strappings ... And spotted his legs weeping very slightly.  The good leg, worse than the bad, ironically.

He has developed cellulitis - so now he had his legs scrubbed with surgical spirit, which he really loved.  The wound powder rubber in and the the boots on.  Although they are made of neoprin, so he will sweat, the pressure is even on the skin ... and he does need support.

I then walked around the yard with him for about 1/2 hour ... just letting him walk a bit, cuddle a bit and eat a lot!

Then back out to his field - so he can show off his new style.

I won't see him till Monday now, but Toni will check him twice a day - and if necessary he will go out "naked" - so his muscles will ache, but his skin will breath.

And - ther's a possibility of even Badder News ....

Rosie was taken ill 2 days ago, and when I heard from Ros yesterday she was a bit better.  While DJ was mooching, Toni popped down to see how things were, and when she came back she changed her clothes immediately.  Ros isn't saying the "S" word, but Toni is sure she has Strangles.  I do hope not, for lots of reasons - but mainly if Ros is not acceptoing that she won't be doing quaranteen, which means we will have to ... DJ has had it twice, smudge, Badger and Junior once ... we don't want to go through that again, do we?