September 27th, 2008

DJ - plaited!

It's Saturday - You Shouldn't Be Here!

Yes, I could almost hear DJ thinking that as I walked across his field this morning.  He is a great one for not working, as you all know, so to have me turn up at a weekend - not a good start!

He walked in nicely though and I started grooming him, while waiting for Toni to arrive ... and so we could assess how he was.

He walked OK - but, was hopping lame in trot.  So, she bandaged his front legs.  I have bandages, that he has used once before, when he travelled, but they are good ones, so can be used to support the legs as well as protect him.

I trotted him up and still as lame.

So, Toni suggested he stand in his box for a time, to see if the bandages would take the pressure off his legs and he would be OK ... and gave us time for coffee!! (Acyually I ended up helping her move some furniture around!)

Anyway 3/4 hour later we went back ... and he was better, but still lame.  So she had a think and decided it would be best if he stayed bandaged for the rest of the weekend.  He is a bit of a twit, and havinig new horses in the next field means he is not resting!

So, I fed him a carrot and walked him back to his field ... so he could show off how well his royal blue legs worked!!
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