September 24th, 2008

James - eyes

Pic Scam - More Bude!

A few weeks ago I asked you for some ideas as to what I could take photographs of.  That way I wasn't just playing - I was helping a friend!

Anyway,dragonflylady77  asked me for a few photos around Bude - but of some of the more unusual things.  So, below the cut are a few pictures of Bude that you won't get on the picture postcards!

The last couple are also especially for louise39  as she told me, recently, that she had read a book that mentioned Zuma Jays ... this is one of the older surf companies in the town.

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DJ - plaited!

Another Lovely Day - But An Early-ish Start.

..... Although that wasn't DJ's fault!

My day started early as I had to get my car repaired, and Toni was going to drop it off for me at her step-son-in-laws ... but he wanted it by 9am, which meant I had to get to Toni's by 8.15am!!

Still, it was great to know that I could go riding, while Toni was running errands, including taking my car in!

DJ therefore had a very thorough grrom, including trimming some of the longer hairs off from around his lower legs etc.

Once groomed, plaited, and tacked we headed off to meet Ros and Rosie.  Then we went down to the Church and round the block.  It was a lovely day and great to just be able to enjoy the relaxation and the weather.  DJ was a good boy - so whether his "ears" are working, or whether he just enjoyed the day, I don't know, and it doesn't really matter!

Once back, I fed him, cleaned up his stable (as I do every day!) and then headed home ... in Toni's car.

As I type this I have just got my car back, and they have collected theirs.  The good news I now have a heater ... the bad news s the clutch and the brakes don't have long to live!  I knew that they were both causing some problems - 120,000 miles on the clock for the clutch ... but still sad to have that detail confirmed!
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