September 11th, 2008


Hi - I'm Back!

Did you miss me??

Just to say that I have just got in at Mum and Dad's and am going to have a short snooze (as we had an overnight flight) before heading home.

I am not going to be able to look back over the last 9 days - so PLEASE link me to anything important - don't want to have missed anything.

It was a lovely holiday - but will report later, when I am not so tired!!

P.S.  - It's very cold in England after Rhodes!!
Adventure before dementia

Not Really Catching Up !!!

I was hoping to get a few pictures from Rhodes up - but looks like it will be next week now ... Sorry!

We had a great holiday - wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures in the 30's ... and for those who forget - our English summer has been non existant.

I loved Rhodes - a friendly island with lots to see - so quite a few photos to share.  Although annoyingly some have picked up a speck on the lens - we had a day-trip and I was trying to listen to the commentarty, take pictures, make sure Mum and dad were OK ... the camera didn't get the care it should (Slap wrists!!)

Anyway - I shall send you to sleep next week ... you have been warned!  Until then -  a MEME .... This one was snagged fom kudagirl 

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Will get the holiday stuff domne at the beginning of next week!