September 2nd, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ...

To a great friend - pfeifferpack 

You have beena brilliant support as I have chatted about my life.
Your writing is lovely - you write some very special Spuffy - Thank you.

Wishing you bunches of love and happiness today - and through the coming year.

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Thank you for being a great friend.


How Am I Meant To Concentrate, Now?

I have just seen the Rosenbaum/Marsters Q&A clips on YouTube.

They are great.  It looks like the 2 of them were having a great time, and that they genuinely got on well with each other.  Hope that is true - But it has certainly made my morning go with a buzz.

I have also looked at the first lot of photographs that ghostgirl13took of James

As ever the photographic quality is stunning - but more importantly, she is one of those people who can capture the man behind the smile.  James is a lovely person, as all of us who have met him will testify, and these photos bring that quality to life.

Over the weekend I managed to see quite a few of the pics and have seen links to people's LJs who were there ... It looked like everyone was having a great time.  As I said last week, I hope that was true, but I do hope that James enjoyed himself - He had a long schedule and was (as a lot of people have said) making sure his fans had those few seconds of personal time.  It is hard work, and must have been very draining for him - so hope that he enjoyed the time, which would have helped him through the long days.

I'm still waiting to hear news as to his next projects ... filming, singing, another CD  ... and would love to hear about another concert over here.  But we will have to wait and see.

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On a personal note - I know some of you gave me photographic ideas ... Yes, a couple (flower close-ups and outdoor benches) were posted last week.  However I decided not to post the others that I have done till next week, as tomorrow  (Squeee) I am off on holiday with Mum and Dad to Rhodes.  I hope to find some sunshine ... and may even find one or two things to photograph ... So, you will be fed up with pictures from here very soon!

So, with thoughts of James still in my mind, I had better get some packing done!

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthdays ...

As I am off on holidays tomorrow I won't be around for a week - and therefore want to wish some of my f-list a really great birthday. I just hope I don't miss any of you! If so, sorry!



shmoopinesson the 3rd

dawnofmeon the 4th

kalinda001on the 6th

seductivembraceon the 7th

erykah101on the 9th

narledude8705on the 11th

I know it is a bit non-personal ... But the wishes are all sincere and sent with love and best wishes to you all ... That you have a great day and that the coming year will let your drems come true.