August 27th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

Remind Me Again - Why Do I Have A Computer?

Yes, my friends are great - and one of the best reasons.

However I have almost given up today!!

Yesterday, I couldn't get a connection on my second (free) phone line which is part of my BroadBand thingy ... So, I e-mailed and got a great help page back ... With about 10 points to follow through.

So, I did #1,2 and 3 ... then the wrong lights were flasing on the box, so went back to the pc page, to see it had disconnected itself ... no internet access!

Then the helpline - whose number had changed!

When I got through I spoke to a very helpful bloke - 25 minutes later, it was back!!  He kep wanting me to reconnect via wire, which I told him was 100% impossile, so at least he worked it out for me ...

Yay, I'm back.

Now I'm off to lie down in a darkened room before I start the rest of my day ... I'll fill you in about DJ's disasterous morning later!  (Don't panic - he is OK!)
DJ - plaited!

It Really Wasn't His Day!

Today started off like a normal Wednesday ... yes, we were all going to ride, it wasn't raining ... so far, so good.

DJ came in and was good while I was grooming him - although when I went to get his tack he decided to re-organise things.  One of his towels which was on his door was on the floor when I got back, he had removed his own head collar (He wears one all the time, but it is just loose enough that he can remove it, so save him getting caught up on fencing etc) ... and he was trying to move his rug from where it had hung all year!  

So - a busy boy! 

I plaited and tacked and we were ready to greet Ros and rosie when they arrived.  toni was riding Junior and leading Smudge ... so we set off.

Ten paces down the road, I knew there was a problem.  When you ride the same horse all the time you pick up on the most minor of changes.  Neither Ros nor Toni could see anything wrong, so we continud a bit further - and DJ still seemed "off".  I wondered if was just being lazy or was stiff, but then Ros and rosie changed sides and ros questioned one of DJs shoes.

We stopped at the next junction as I was still unhappy - and sure enough his off-hind was loose and had shifted forward slightly.  There was no heat, but it was obvious there was a problem.

Toni suggested they went just up to the farm and back, while we waited there ... Poor DJ was stressed at being left - the first time he has ever had to do that.  he was basically good, as he could have had me over - but he just was so tense - so much so, he wouldn't even eat the grass that was there!

When the others returned I got back on and we headed back towards home at a slow pace.  By the time we were at Ros' he was getting a bit worse, so I got off and walked the rest of the way.  My weight wouldn't make that much of a difference (I hope - LOL), but it meant DJ knew that he wasn't under any pressure.

Once back I phoned Ian.

The advantage was that as we were early, I had time for a cup of coffee with Toni!!

Then back to his field for sir.  As the ground is soft, it makes the problem easier.

# # #

I heard from Ian this afternoon and checked with Toni that she could get DJ in later for him to see to.

So, tomorrow, I shall have to ask DJ about that - and thank Toni for her help (again!)