August 20th, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday ... James Marsters.

This is just to wish James a Very Happy Birthday.

I hope that he has a super day, and is able to spend time doing the things we wants, with his family and friends.

Thought I would share one of my favourite pictures I have seen of him this year, taken at Union Chapel (... Just wish I was as talented)

Happy Birthday, James ... Wishing you a lifetime of love, peace and happiness ... And may all your future dreams come true.


Thank You spikereader

 Wow - I get to share my Birthday with the man himself.

My pressie arrived this morning - thank you, it is brilliant of you to do that for me.  Your timing is great, in that it means I can celebrate on James birthday!

Thanks for the letter,a s well - Glad you had a good holiday, and hope to see a couple of pics when you get time.

Thank you, you are the best!