August 16th, 2008

Adventure before dementia

MEME ... To Fill In A Lazy Morning!

I am having a quiet day, as it is cold and damp and I am stuck in Bude this morning ... it's my afternoon of power later!!!  AKA - Bude Carnival this evening.  I am one of the stewards this afternoon and am in charge of half the car-park  So I get to run around with a clip-board telling people where they can park!!

So, fo now I am filling in some time ... nothing much happening on LJ and I never can seem to find any other sites I get on with.

So to fill in a few minutes I have snagged a MEME from 

louise39 to do - and like her think it is probably more written for teens.  However I do like MEMEs ... and have time to kill ... I'm too lazy to get the camera out this morning ... or maybe too frustrated as I got myself annoyed trying to take some photos in a Church yesterday, and couldn't get the ISO settings to work as I wanted!!


Anyway - if you want to fill so minutes ... Go ahead and

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