August 14th, 2008


Hi ... And Thanks.


Just wanted to again thank all those who made suggestions as to what I can photograph - Anyone who thinks of anything else let me know!

Anyway - just thought I would share a picture that I took of Jiffy last weekend after he got back from his walk - he is trying to dry himself on my bed - and I caught him mid-squirm!

I thought you might like to see a picture of the roundabout as you drive into Bude .... Kayleigh is Toni's daughter, btw!

Hope that you all had a good Thursday.

Just want to finish by sending best wishes to deborahw37and her sister at this time.

DJ - plaited!

Wet And Working!

A double blow to him!

When I got him in this morning it wasn't actually raining, but as it had been he was actually quite clean!  He hadn't had time to roll!

As I started grooming him, the rain came ... and came ... and came.

Still, not as bad as yesterday, so that was OK! 

I got him ready and went down to meet Ros and Rosie.  We went down to the Church and back up the canter track (although we only trotted!)  By the tme we had been out for about 10 mins it actually stopped raining, so although it was very wet underfoot, and the hedges were dripping, it wasn't too bad.

All the streams were flowing full and in some places the water was running down the roads.  Leaves are off the trees, and overcast skies made it hard to believe we were in mid-August!

Once back DJ had his feed and back to his field - so he could recover from the trauma of having to work!!
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