August 13th, 2008


My British F-List ... Did You Watch Maestro, Last Night?

This is a new BBC show that takes 8 well know people and teaches them to conduct an orchestra.

I just wanted to say, that even though I play in an orchestra and 2 bands, there is no way I would even attempt this task.

Maybe because I know part of what's involved, is why I won't do this - Very occasionally at one of the bands the conductor gets delayed at work.  This band I am the leader of, but no way am I going to conduct.

So good luck to them all!

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Anyway, if you like these sorts of shows, live in Britain, or you like music ... or you want to know why those of us who play can learn to rely on the "guy with the while stick" - Tune in and watch.
Adventure before dementia

Photos ...And A Photo Challenge.

 Hoping that you can all help me ... one or two of my friends in particular.

As you probably now know I have a new camera, and want to get back into "proper" photography.  Now I have part of my problem ... can't think of anything to photograph ... I know that is silly, but when I did my course a few years ago, we were given tasks to do ... Fo me, that makes life so much easier.

So, PLEASE, could you challenge me ... What shall I take pictures of.

It can be a one-off picture, or a set ... small or large, I will give it a go.

However I must remind people there may be a time delay, due to weather at present!

Anyway, under the cut are a few pictures I took today of Stratton ... it was the original town, before Bude was developed in the 19th century.

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