August 8th, 2008

Squeee - James

Thank You ... spikereader

You see, I was right - You are an amazining friend!

 The CD's arrived today - haven't had a chance to check them yet, but will listen to them on my drive down to Mum and Dad's in a minute.  So, firstly 4 Dresdon ( and the promise of more!), then the CD, then the loan of the memory stick, and now this.

So - you have proved me right.

Thank you Carolyn - You are the best.
DJ - plaited!

Oh No, Having To Actually Do Some Work Today!

Yes, poor boy - I think he hoped he would have 3 months off like he did during the winter when I injured my hand!

He was lying down when I arrved this morning - so, both lazy and damp!

Still, as ever, he was good while I groomed and plaited him.  Then once tacked up I walked him up the road to meet up with Ros and Rosie.  Rosie was in a "don't want to work mode" to begin with.  She did settle down, especially when she realised that we were turning round at the farm and heading back.  It was easier for me to not do too much, so it was lovely to be out again, but without getting too stressed while doing it.

Once we had dropped the 2 R's off we headed back ... for carrots and back to his field for a rest, as he had actually had to do some work today!
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Pic Scam ... Again!

I have been out and about in Mum's garden when I got here this afternoon.  Had fun, but it meant I was too tired to get to Band practice tonight.  Oh well - I am feeling better, and it means you can have a look at some more flowers.

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